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    Rockhounding is why we started this website, but it has grown to include other areas that we think you will enjoy. As we got older we started adding pictures of other places and things that we enjoy and hope others will also enjoy viewing these pictures and then go visit these places.
This site is to let you know of some interesting places that we feel are worth the time and effort to visit. Many are accessable by car, some require high-clearance, & some require 4-wheel drive. We will try to remember to tell you what will be needed to visit each of these places. We will post GPSr coordinates if they are available (the GPSr format will be dd mm.mmm and the datum will be WGS 84). We will post pictures if we have any interesting and/or helpful ones. We will try to recommend times of the year to avoid or the best time of the year to visit these areas.

    We will attempt to group things according to our interests, so that you may go to the group that you might prefer visiting (some items may be listed in more than 1 group). Even if you never actually get to go and visit these places, we hope that you will enjoy looking at all our pictures (We took all but 2 of the pictures posted here.).

These pages are best viewed on full size computer screens with a resolution of 1366 X 768 or higher. Smart phone screens are just too small to view the details in the pictures. We suggest that if you visit these pages often that you use your browser refresh button to make sure that you are seeing the new material (like updated pictures or new links added to a page) that has been added to our site. We currently have over 1,400 pictures on our site, so If you see any picture that you would like to use as desktop wallpaper, feel free to save it to your computer and set it as your desktop picture.

We want you, the visitors, to our website to know that it is free and we do NOT set any cookies on your computer or collect any data about who uses this site. We do this site for our own enjoyment and if you enjoy our efforts, so much the better.


This is the map we use to keep track of where we have been/or where we intend to go.
A=arches,B=balanced rocks,
C=caves,M=mines,W=petrified wood,O=odds and ends
Red pins=graves,Trees=lookout trees,Flags=sinkholes,House=ruins,P=petroglyphs

main map
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We split this map into smaller sections.

The groups are below.
To go to a page, just click on the picture or link below the picture.



rockhounding, quartz
 Why we started this website.
red pueblo museum
Anasazi Museum
A variety of natural Arches to visit.

 Little known attractions

Balanced rocks
Balanced Rocks
Some amazing Balanced Rocks.
blood moon eclipse
Blood Moon Eclipse

Critters large and small.

Pictures of wild flowers

Updated 05-07-2018

highway art
Highway Art
highway construction 101
Highway Construction 101

lookout trees
Lookout Trees,
Old time Lookout trees

oldhouse ruin
Old House Ruins
Life was tough!

Our Favorite Pictures
You never know what you will see.

Petrified Wood
Petrified Wood & Ruins
Petrified wood to see
 or collect.
glyphs, petroglyphs
Rock Art we have seen.
pleasant valley lake
Pleasant Valley Lake

Rainbows we have seen.

Site status update

update 06-04-2018
Resting in Peace
Pictures of a Sandstorm
Sinkholes & Caves
Keep the kids and
pets on a leash!
Waterfalls coming out
 of the canyon wall.

fossils, kaibab
Fossils 2

New 08-12-2018
All these places are in the Desert Southwest, so it is important that you follow the rules for desert survival. There are many books and articles about how to cope in this type of terrain, so please make sure you know how to visit these areas and get back home unscathed! We will not be there to hold your hand or offer assistance or advice, so remember that you alone are going to be responsible for your safety!
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